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In compliance with the latest notification from Cabo Verde's Finance Ministry, the Atlantic Shipping would like to notify its valuable customers that they would have to pay in Cabo Verde, a tax on the amount paid to the local agency to pick up the cargo.

The information pertains to ordinance 40/2022, which was made public on the 10th of August this year.
For this reason, our customers must provide us with not just a telephone number but also a Tax Identification Number (NIF) for the individuals who will receive their cargo at the Cabo Verde islands.
According to the law, any person who receives cargo must declare their NIF. This rule applies to everyone. Therefore, we strongly encourage our customers to provide us with the NIF of the receiver in Cabo Verde so that we may simplify the process and make it more convenient for them to receive their items. The recipients would benefit from this practice because they wouldn't have to go to the local branch, in Cabo Verde, twice.


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